What is a manicure. Repair of natural nails

What is a manicure? Repair of natural nails.


Manicure is also Nail art. Nail art contains rich artistic and cultural connotations. It is to study people’s hand shape, nail shape, nail quantity and requirements,Galglitter.com to share.

The principle of manicure

It uses professional nail art tools, equipment and materials to carry out cleaning and care, maintenance and trimming, beautification design and treatment of various problematic nails according to scientific and technical operation procedures, and perfect makeup, elegant costumes, plus a pair of carefully decorated hands, are the symbol of status, good cultivation and elegant temperament.

Repair of natural nails

1. Manicure type

Fifth Middle School Type A: Square, round, round, oval, pointed, round, modified first and then modified.
Square: Square nails are popular in Europe and America, and most Asian women do not repair them.
Round shape: young women prefer round nails that are relatively solid and should not be broken.
Round: Trim with the arc of armour.
Oval: Oval nails appear on slender hands, suitable for soft women’s trim.
Pointed round: Pointed round nails are not very suitable in life. Generally, crystal nails can be repaired when they are extended, which is more difficult.

2. Apply softene

The softener is applied to the skin around the nail groove, and pay attention to avoid applying to the nail surface. The softener will also soften the newly-born soft nails at the nail root.

3. Soak hands

Place the hand-coated softener in a hand bowl with warm water and soak for 3-5 minutes.

4. Push finger skin

Push finger skin at deck 1/3

5. Cut the finger skin

Trim the finger skin pushed up by the finger skin and the ageing dead skin around the nail groove, and pay attention to the trimming direction and grip cutting method when trimming the trailing edge.

6. Grinding and polishing

The sponge is polished longitudinally until the nail surface is flat and has no ribs and then polished with polishing strips.

7. Apply nutrient oil

Apply nutrient oil to the nail groove and gently massage to help absorption.

8. Apply moisturizing hand cream

Wipe your hands and apply hand cream evenly.

Understanding and usage of basic tools Push

knife use: use when pushing finger skin.
Finger skin scissors: used to trim finger skin and barbs.
Nail clippers: trim nails.
Use of grinding file: used for nail trimming and polishing.

1: Model 80 Use: It is extremely corrosive and is often used for repairing and grinding crystal nails.
2, model 100 use: polishing and repairing.
3: model 150 use: corrosive, patch surface friction and modification.
4: Model 180 Use: Used for trimming the front edge of natural armour and trimming the rear edge when making crystal armour and modifying the final surface.
5: Model 320 Use: Used for engraving and grinding of natural armour.
6: Model 600 Use: Polishing.

Use of polishing strip: smooth nail surface.
Use of cleaning brush: remove finger debris and dust from the nail surface.
Crystal pen use: 100% mink fur is handmade and used to make crystal armour.
Tupou pen use: used for painting and painting nails.
Use of one-word scissors: special scissors for trimming nail pieces. Its special structure can prevent nail clipping and fault phenomena caused by trimming nails.

Workflow of Basic Nail Care

Disinfect hands to remove nail polish

Trim left-hand nail shape trim right-hand nail shape apply softener soak left hand to apply softener soak right hand take your left hand and dry it.

Disinfection tools

Push finger skin orange stick to clean finger skin
Cut the finger skin to trim excess hard calluses and wipe the finger skin with your right hand.

Push finger skin orange stick to clean finger skin

Refers to skin shears to trim excess hard calluses and finger skin polishing (coarse throwing + fine throwing, coarse throwing is sponge strip, fine throwing is polishing strip or polishing block), polishing wax polishing (general charge), clean the lower end of the leading edge of the nail and apply nutrient oil around the nail to remove oil slick
Apply coloured nail polish twice or other decorations
Apply bright oil
Fee filing appointment for this service
Finishing workbench

The operation flow of hand skincare

Disinfect hands (self before customers)
Remove excess nail polish
Natural Armor Repair
Wash hands and soak hands
Remove cutin below the elbow to fingertip (scrub)
Wash hands
Apply hand film to wrap plastic wrap (heated, unheated) for 10-15 minutes
Apply massage cream or oil
Hand massage
Apply hand cream
Fee filing reservation next service
Finishing workbench

Natural Armor Repair of Foot

Tools: sterilized cotton and containers, sterilized water, alcohol, nail polish washing water, nail cutter, finger skin push,
Refers to skin scissors, hand brushes, 180 sand strips, natural nail polishing strips or blocks, softeners, nutrient oils,
Add calcium base oil, natural nail polish oil, orange sticks, towels, paper towels, disposable plastic bags,
Toe separation cotton, fragrant footbath salt, foot bath, nail polish dryer
1. Foot soak
2. Take the left foot
3. Disinfection
4 Use your hands to separate your toes and wear gloves
5 Nail polish, softening, finger skin
6 Disinfection Tools
7. push finger skin
8. Cut Finger Skin
9. Trim and polish nail shapes
10. Polishing
11. nutrient oil
12. Take the right foot and repeat (3~11) steps to save step 6
13. Make a cotton swab to clean the lower end of the leading edge of the nail
14. Take Fu Oil
15. Divide toes with toe-separating cotton
16. Coated with calcium base oil
17. Apply coloured nail polish twice or do other decorations
18. Apply bright oil
19. Charge for the establishment of customer files, next service
20. Finishing Workbench

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