What is more important in a nail salon & Manicure FAQ

What do customers look for more when choosing a nail salon? and Manicure FAQ

What is the general focus of clients when selecting a nail salon? Is it close to home? Suitable price?More options?


Survey statistics for customer selection

I recently conducted a sample survey of 1000 people, and the results are as follows.

30.2%: Familiar nail teacher

23.3%: Technical ability of the nail teacher

18.3%: affordable price

11%: Many styles

10.4%: Convenient transportation/good location

It is recommended that when nail salons advertise their stores, they should also remember to show more aspects of their nail teachers for everyone to see.

Manicure FAQ

Nail technicians always encounter many problems when doing nail art; how much nail art knowledge is there that you know?

We would like to share a lot of questions that we often have when doing nail art.

A. Why the nail art will change colour?

(1) sealer coated too thick. Sealer glue coated once is appropriate. If coated more than two times, it is possible to make the colour off-colour.

(2) sealer light time is too long: sealer light time is not more than 2 minutes. Light time is too long will appear sealer yellowing phenomenon, so the colour of nail polish will be yellow.

(3) nail polish or sealer itself has product quality problems; pay attention to see if it is expired.

Second, how can I draw good lines?

(1) materials: the use of coloured gel, full colour, liquidity is not as large as nail polish, easier to operate.

(2) tools: draw short lines with a short line pen, draw long straight lines with a small pen in the lines, and draw finer lines with a pulling pen.

(3) take glue: thick lines take a little more glue, and fine lines take less glue.

(4) angle: when drawing a straight line, the tip of the pen should be basically perpendicular to the nail surface in order to ensure that the line is straight enough. Oh! Tail finger to find a support point; painting up will not shake hands!

Three, nail art is easy to fall off. What is the reason?

(1) Carve and grind are not in place, carve and grind to check whether the nail has a reflective surface.

(2) impurities on the nail surface, nail art should pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene, do not touch the nail surface after carving and polishing, and do not let the guest’s hand touch other items.

(3) Different brands of adhesive products may produce mutually exclusive reactions. Try to use the same brand of base coat sealer.

(4) Gel products expire; pay attention to the shelf life of nail polish. Long-term exposure to sunlight or LED lights will shorten the shelf life of the gel.

(5) glue is applied to the finger edge skin and dead skin to clean up.

(6) there may be guests’ nails are oily, nail polish gel will be poorer than the average person’s durability, easier to peel, you can use a drying agent before the base gel.

Three, why the front edge of the nail will crack and fall off?

(1) Do not do a good job of wrapping the edge, do a few times like opening jars, peeling oranges such nail stress things, fingertip colour is easy to fall off.

(2) The glue is too thick to dry inside, or the front end of the nail is not carved in place, so the adhesion of the glue to the nail surface is not enough; Oh.

(3) Mismatch between the glue and the glue, different brands of glue may have a rejection situation.

(4) The nail is too thin and soft, it is easy to bend, and the glue is hard after drying; when the front nail is bent, the nail polish will crack.

Correct practice.

(1) Base coat, nail polish and sealer all need to be wrapped around the edge, only once it is easy to warp!

(2) If the nail is too thin and soft, in addition to daily care, you can also use reinforcement on the nail surface when doing nail art.

(3) The front of the nail should also be gently brought through with a file when carving and grinding; this place will be missed by many people; pay attention to oh!

(4) dip nail polish when the amount of attention is not too much; a lot of small partners feedback not grasp the amount of nail polish sticky, but McNee also has no trick, and it is recommended to practice more; after all, it is the basic nail art Oh!

Four gold and silver lines should be how to paste to not warp?

(1) after the nail polish dries, use a sponge file to gently polish the nail surface to increase the bonding surface.

(2) with a dust brush to clean the nail surface, and then 75 ° alcohol to clean the nail surface.

(3) Hold one end of the wire with tweezers and place it on the nail surface for comparison, then use small scissors to cut off the excess wire at both ends, taking care not to let the silver wire exceed the nail surface and leaving a distance of 0.5mm at both ends to avoid warping.

(4) Use the rounded end of the tweezers to lightly scrape the ends of the silver line and press for about 10 seconds.

(5) after the paste on the sealer, dry on it is complete.

The final sharing

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