What is the complete list of nail tools

What is the complete list of nail tools?

The complete set of nail art kit contains products such as finger skin pliers, nail clippers, nail file, steel push, frosting strip, polishing strip,g lamp, nail decal or nail patch, color drawing pen, drawing Pen, nail removal towel, nail washing water, nail repair, etc. If you are a novice to learn nail art, you can prepare the necessary tools, but if you are a professional nail.


1. Exfoliation

Tools: nail clippers, finger leather pliers, nail file, steel push

Generally, when doing manicures, the dead skin on the nails should be removed first, and the nails should be cut to the correct length range. Nail clippers are needed here. It is slightly different from the nail clippers used in peacetime, but the principle is similar.

2. Polishing and polishing the nail surface

Tools: frosting strip, polishing strip, dust brush

The polishing strip should be used to grind the nail surface first. The polishing strip should be used for polishing, and then the dust brush should be used to brush off the dust left on the nail surface due to polishing and polishing to ensure that the nail polish applied at the back can perfectly fit the nail surface, make the nail surface relatively flat and smooth.

3. Acrylic powder

Tools: nutrient oil, base oil, acrylic powder

Nourishing oil and base oil are used to protect nails. Generally, they are applied first and then acrylic powder. Try to use glue with better quality. The taste is not spicy, and then they will be kept for a longer time. Manufacturers especially provide some nail brand glue.

4. Painted Pen

Tools: drawing Pen, painting pen, etc

Its function is to draw patterns, patterns, lines, and so on on the nail polish, making the nail polish into different shapes. There are usually many painting pens, which can be used to buy suits. The size of the nose will be different, and different patterns can be drawn.

5. Baking lamp

Tools: baking lamp

When manicuring, if the glue is to dry quickly, it is necessary to use a baking lamp. Generally, this tool is used in the process of lighting. Attention should be paid to the selection of power and function. If it is enough, do not buy a huge one.

6. Nail stickers

Tools: nail decals, nail patches

This is for decoration, which can make the nail surface more beautiful. It can usually be used with a painting pen. If you don’t want to draw, use stickers because not everyone in nail art has a strong drawing ability. If you don’t remove them well, use stickers.

7, unloading products

Tools: nail remover, nail polish remover

When doing manicures, you usually need to remove the manicure. You can remove the previous manicure before you can make a new manicure. You need to use the manicure remover or nail washing water to wash off the original manicure on the nail surface.


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