What is the difference between cheap and expensive nail art Nail polish

What is the difference between cheap and expensive nail art Nail polish?


The price of nail art varies greatly, depending on the style of nail art and nail polish.

The difference between cheap and expensive nail art

The cheap nail art is easy to warp and unglue, and the cheap nail art may not be as good as the expensive ones in terms of gloss and lasting time. A good quality manicure is especially worth it, except for the high price; there is almost nothing wrong with it.

Nail polish and nail polish glue which is more harmful

Nail polish consists of volatile solvent formaldehyde, nitrocellulose, and oil-soluble pigments. Nail polish will slowly oxidize and yellow, and the pigments will settle on the nails, so it should be removed in 3 to 4 days. Nail polish, on the other hand, is a resin that is inherently non-toxic and harmless and lasts longer. The damage to the nails comes more from the nail polish remover, which contains acetone that is harmful to the nails. If you like to change the colour of your nails frequently, it is recommended to use nail polish, and if you need longevity, it is recommended to use nail polish.

The difference between nail polish and nail varnish

Nail polish.

Nail polish: also known as “nail lacquer or” “nail polish”. It is mainly composed of 70%-80% volatile solvent, about 15% nitrocellulose, a small amount of oil solvent, camphor, titanium dioxide and oil-soluble pigments. After the nail polish is applied to the nail, the solvent contained in the nail polish evaporates, forming a coloured film, and then this film is attached to the nail, with a moderate colouring lustre, which can protect the nail but also give the nail a sense of beauty. It is a kind of no need to light, also known as self-drying nail polish ~ also. Therefore, nail polish will generally be placed in a transparent bottle, save when you need need to seal it well. But, did you know? This convenient and quick self-drying nail polish is not the ideal nail material; in order to make nail polish easy to dry, it uses solvents, mainly acetone, ethyl acetate, phthalate, and formaldehyde, etc. These solvents evaporate when inhaled into the human body, will make the body feel uncomfortable, and long inhalation will also affect human health; in addition, nail polish, due to strong permeability, for children with fragile nails, may cause some bad consequences, for example, too often with nail polish to do the nails of children, nails may be yellow, no lustre, serious may also appear nail infections these problems ~ so Nail polish must be careful not to stain the skin to Oh ~ accidentally stick to, to dry before wiping clean with nail polish remover.

Nail polish glue.

The nail polish glue: the market has become Cq glue, Barbie glue, phototherapy glue, etc. Its main component is a natural resin and some colour material; this material will cure under the exposure to ultraviolet light, rather than volatile, it will form a plastic-like film ~ permeability than nail polish is poor, but gloss, wear-resistance and firmness are better than nail polish, the most important thing is that it almost does not volatile gas, there will not be too much taste. It takes only a minute or two to dry, unlike nail polish, which can take up to ten minutes to dry. This is why there is a situation where nail polish is gradually replacing the position of nail polish ~ because nail polish has the property of curing in the presence of light, so nail polish is generally sealed in an opaque bottle, the preservation of time is also required to keep away from light, and the advantage is that as long as the ultraviolet light is not too strong, nail polish will not be such a fast solidification, easy to draw patterns and modify ~ finally, we are talking about, nail polish and nail polish The difference between the practice of nail polish is generally: primer – colour lacquer – polish; and nail polish is a primer – colour glue – sealer, each layer to do when the light therapy lamp shine dry again ~ seems nail polish is more trouble, but from the health and practical aspects, nail polish is far more cost-effective than nail polish!

How to care for your nails

Before you trim your nails, you should soak your hands in warm water to soften your nails, dry your hands, and use a tool to push the soft skin gently. Clean around the nails with a nail brush and rinse your hands well. After drying your hands, apply moisturizer and more nutrient oil to protect your nails. Remember to massage your hands in circular motions when applying hand cream, minimize the use of your nails as a tool, and eat more vitamin H rich foods. Click to check best professional acrylic nail powder. Thanks.

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