What is the principle of the nail lamp

What is the principle of the nail lamp? What can I use instead of a lamp?


A lamp is used to speed up the drying time of nail polish; why can a lamp achieve this? Is it possible to do nail art without a lamp, and what can I use instead of a nail lamp?

What is the principle of the lamp?

The lamp is also known as the nail light therapy lamp. It is dedicated to the drying of the phototherapy gel in the nail art process and is mostly used in nail salons. Some nail processes will rub a layer of nail polish on the nails, similar to nail polish, but then nail polish is not easy to fall off, generally can keep more than a month, the price is also higher than nail polish, generally will only be used in professional nail salons, because with nail polish must be used nail lamp, is the nail polish lamp, lamp has two kinds of ultraviolet light, one is the LED lamp, the main peak wavelength of ultraviolet light = The main peak wavelength of UV light = 370nm, can have good drying sterilization effect. Generally, a nail lamp has four lamps, 9W one, every six months; please replace the lamp regularly, pay attention to the eyes, do not look directly at the UV lamp – according to the gel production manual or UV lamp related instructions – do not shorten or overtime use can maintain the best effect.

How can I replace my nail lamp?

The lamp can be replaced by a hot air blower if it is broken. The lamp is used to make the nail dry faster because the lamp works by baking and disinfecting the nail with UV light, so it can make the nail dry faster.

The hot air from the hair dryer is also equivalent to artificially baking the nail; adding the heat of baking the nail will dry quickly; in addition, in the process of drying the nail, if the hot air is too large may make the nail is blown uneven, so then you can repair the lamp and then use the lamp for baking the nail dry because the lamp is the most catalytic and baking value of nail care products.

Can the lamp be sterilized?

The UV lights for nail care are 365nm UV lights, which cannot reach the standard of sterilization and can only cure some gel items. Germicidal lamps are used 254nm short-wave UVC lamps, short-wave 254nm UVC lamps for a long time close to the items can play a role in sterilization.

How much is a wattage nail lamp better?

The nail led lights generally have to buy about 32w can. The common lamps are UV lamps and LED lamps. UV lamps are short for ultraviolet lamps. The UV lamp is a hot cathode fluorescent lamp that emits UVA (long-wave ultraviolet) light, and the UV lamp will make the skin melanin emerge after a long time, so you must pay attention to the operating time.

The stronger the light does not necessarily mean faster hardening. Sometimes the speed of hardening can be greatly affected by how well the gel fits the wavelength of the light. However, it is not easy to confirm the fit one by one, so it is recommended that you try to use the same brand of gel as the light therapy lamp.

Is the higher the wattage of the nail lamp, the better?

The nail salon lamp is generally 36 watts, lamp is divided into LED lamp and UV lamp, each lamp wattage is divided into 9 watts, 18 watts, 36 watts, 42 watts, most of the lamp will have four 9-watt lamps inside, the higher the wattage nail hardening speed, but you need to check the relevant information before use.

What is the difference between lamp wattage?

The difference between 36w and 48w is in the baking time. The power of the light therapy machine is closely related to the drying speed. Nine watts, the sealer takes 4-6 minutes to dry completely, 36 watts 2-3 minutes, and 48 watts within 1 minute.

There are LED nail therapy machines and UV nail therapy machines on the market, and the combination of the two LED + UV nail therapy machines, LED nail therapy machines and UV nail therapy machines are different beads to be in the service life; LED is much better, and shorter time.

If you often use all the time not to make their nails beautiful, then choose a slightly larger power, more full-featured, and faster, such as a 36W/48W LED or LED + UV nail lamp.

Generally not how to use, travel, travel time, it depends on your fear of trouble, like to go out with a big suitcase, then you can and above, with a big head of nail therapy machine; if you are out of the bag are too lazy to carry people, this time you can choose a portable 9WLED nail therapy machine, directly in the pocket can be.

How to do with low wattage nail lamp?

If you have already encountered the nail lamp, power is not enough; this time, the best solution you are, of course. Re-use your nail power. Here you can do a recalculation on it. Click here to view professional acrylic nail powder brands

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