What preparations do nail salons need to do to start a business

What preparations do nail salons need to do to start a business?


Many people come out to learn nail art and start their businesses, but they suffer from being small entrepreneurs and have no experience in shop operations. They are even confused about the preparations for opening a nail salon and do not know where to start.
If you are also in such a confusing stage, you may as well take a good look at this nail salon entrepreneurship strategy, and dry goods are total!

1、Understand customer needs

To start a business in a nail salon, you must first understand the market. You need to use reverse thinking to consider what consumers will pay attention to when choosing a nail salon.
Here are a list of market research, currently more reliable consumer psychology details:

1. Professional level of nail salon
2. Service level of nail shop assistants
3, nail shop decoration environment
4, manicurist’s ability and fame

The way customers choose nail salons is mainly in these aspects:

1, through their detailed understanding and personal experience
2. Through the introduction of manicurists
3, through the introduction of friends
4. Through watching magazines, advertisements, and TV

This means that whoever can satisfy most customers has the opportunity to have a considerable market.

2. store location rental

Where does your nail salon open? There are two issues involved in site selection, 1 is the ability to pay rent, and 2 is the lease conditions.
For example, small and medium-sized nail salons require a small area and can be located in a high-rent area with a prosperous flow of people and developed commerce. If you plan to build large nail salons, you must consider whether you can afford the high rent for a certain period.
There are two types of leases: fixed price and percentage. The former rent is set, and the latter rent is lower, but the total income of the nail salon is shared by percentage.
For those who start a business for the first time, it is recommended to book a lease of 1~2 years first.

3. nail tools

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. “There are two kinds of tools needed to open a nail salon, 1 is consumables, and 1 is hardware.
Consumables include base oil, nail polish, Nail Polish PowderCosmetic Glitter, softening cream, bleaching agent, nail polish thinner, nail essence, bright oil, nail skin softener, polishing sponge, polishing sand block, 100 sand strip, 180 sand strip, foot sand plate, sand stick, nail sand file, nail clipper, hand bowl, finger skin softener, skin pushing rod, finger skin pliers, nail massage oil, polishing file nail oil series, phototherapy series, crystal series, jewelry series, painted series, nail art special pen, etc.
Hardware includes a table, seat, lamp, manicure machine, etc.
Attention! Professional products are as important as professional nail art technology. Especially positioning high-end nail salons, don’t just covet the temporary low price and lose long-term benefits.

4. procedures and certificates

The documents required to open a nail salon are:
1, business license, go to the industrial and commercial bureau for processing. The business license is equivalent to an individual’s ID card. It will be used to handle various qualifications related to the store. It is also an essential basis for proving the legality of the nail salon.
2, health permit, go to the health bureau. In the service industry, nail salons, especially organizations that provide physical services to customers, will have direct and close contact with customers. Therefore, nail salons also involve processing hygiene permits, requiring relevant employees to provide health certificates and related processing materials to register and declare with the health department.
3. tax registration certificate, to the local tax, national tax department to handle. Tax payment is a legal obligation, and it is illegal for a nail salon without a tax registration certificate.
4, fire permit, go to the public security organ fire department to handle.

5. reserve

The reserve includes nail training fees, purchase of nail tools, shop decoration fees, and various formalities and documents.
The cost of purchasing products necessary for opening a shop, such as a primer, nail polish, phototherapy machine, and other tools, shall be determined according to the actual situation. Do not import too many goods in the early stage, and replenish them according to the real problem of your shop for some time.
If the nail salon is a small and medium-sized store type, it is not recommended to buy too many high-end products, and you can choose a small amount of high-end nail polish for a storefront.
Funds required for various procedures and certificates: the Industrial and Commercial Bureau handles a self-employed business license. The handling fee is about a few hundred yuan; the Health Bureau manages health permits and physical examinations at epidemic prevention stations, and don’t forget to pay taxes.
The purchase of worktables and tables and chairs for decoration depends on the circumstances.

6、manicurist team formation

Be cautious in the recruitment of manicurists! The reason is that although there are many manicurists at present, there are very few who have received formal school training. They have not systematically learned nail art knowledge and have not received service awareness training.
It is suggested that investors in nail salons must recruit experienced manicurists as store managers. If you are your manager, it is recommended to go to a professional nail art institution for further study and management experience.

7. store operation management

In recent years, nail salons have sprung up all over the streets. How to stand out among many nail salons lies in operation and management. Here are a few operational techniques:
1, technology in place. There is no need to repeat this point too much.
2. Choose the location of the store. The choice of storefront should first satisfy the concentration of entertainment, followed by the flow of people, and it is best to choose places with more traffic, such as blocks or shopping malls.
3. Packaging image, a nail salon is related to beauty, and decoration cannot be too casual. Moreover, the audience of the nail salon is mainly women. It is suggested to design a beautiful image and unique decoration style according to girls’ love.
4. Channel publicity, Using various self-media platforms and a beautiful packaging image, the store will be turned into a place for online red to clock in without worrying about no traffic.
The customer is God. The meticulous service will make customers feel friendly and earn public praise in the industry.
6. Promotional activities. At the store’s beginning, a discount promotion on holidays will make customers flock to your business and make your business much better.
7. the introduction of beauty projects. Most of the girls who come to do nail art pay great attention to personal maintenance. They can push a hand care project when doing nail art for customers. In hot summer, you can go foot care for customers who do foot nail art. In the nail salon next to the office building, most customers are office workers who sit in front of the computer for one day. They can give them shoulder and neck care.

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