What tools should I prepare to do my nails at home

What tools should I prepare to do my nails at home? How to remove nail polish by yourself?


In our normal life, there are many people who like to do their own nail art, and nail art styles are very much different nail art will make your nails look less monotonous, very beautiful and fashionable.

What tools should I prepare to do my nails at home?

I. General tools

The nail tools are not disposable and must be disinfected before each use. Therefore, the size of the tools to be able to put into the container of the disinfectant solution is appropriate.

Crystal pliers: only used when doing crystal nails, can not be replaced by finger skin pliers, otherwise easy to cause the crystal nail breakage. Nail cutter: mainly used to trim all types of nails, including crystal nails and natural nails. Finger skin pliers: Used to cut off excess nail skin. Plastic or bristle brushes: used for hand care to clean nails and crystal

Nails. Nail file: for trimming the front edge of natural nails. Sanding stick: for pushing the skin of the finger. Scissors: for cutting fibre products such as nylon, silk and fibreglass nails. Small tweezers: used to hold nail pieces, diamonds, or to hold the nail skin for trimming.

II. Professional equipment

In addition to the necessary workbenches, chairs, lockers, light sources and other supplies, professional nail equipment includes the following items.

Pillow: A towel-wrapped sponge for the arm of the manicurist. Drill: Used to clean the front edge of the nail. Humidifier: for dry and cracked hands Glass bowl: for soaking crystal nails. Hand bowl: for soaking hands. Foot bowl: for foot care. Foot scrubbing board: for removing calluses on the feet. Finger model: practice doing crystal nails.

Third, the necessary tools.

Base coat: transparent or milky white; use before applying nail polish. It can enhance the adhesion of nail polish. Nail polish: contains dark pigment; choose according to the need. Softening cream: usually contains glycerin base, can remove the ageing cuticle, keep the skin moist, and is used for massage and care of dry and cracked hands. Bleach: Contains hydrogen peroxide or citric acid and is used to remove stains from crystal nails. Nail Polish Thinner: Used to thin thicker nail polish, do not use nail shampoo instead. Nail Serum: This makes natural nails stronger and can be used in place of base coat in foot care. Nail Polish: Used to soften the skin around nails, helps remove broken natural nails and polishes crystal nails.

Polish: Used to protect nail polish and keep it shiny. The thicker the glossy polish, the longer it takes to dry and the higher the shine. Nail Skin Softener: For softening the nail skin. In addition, since professional nail care requires a strict and perfect aseptic operation, such as disposable paper towels, cotton balls, scrapers, 75% alcohol, hemostatic wipes, antibacterial agents, baking soda, antiseptic, and rust inhibitors are essential.

Four, polishing supplies

Polishing sponge: Use dry powder nail or paste nail polish for polishing nails. Polishing should always be done in one direction, do not polish back and forth; the sponge must be replaced after use. Sanding block: similar to a rectangular sponge with sandpaper attached to the surface, used with oil for polishing crystal nails (for polishing crystal nails only). 100 sanding strip: coarser particles, used for polishing large areas in crystal nail service, also used for trimming the shape of crystal nails. 180 sanding strip: finer particles, used for polishing around the nail skin and the top of crystal nails to make them smoother and flatter. Foot sanding board: for removing calluses on the feet. Sanding stick: for removing bumps and skin stains from natural nails. Nail sanding file: for natural nails only, with coarse grains at one end and fine grains at the other. In the sanding process, if you use an electric sanding machine, only sand the front edge of the nail, and do not sand the nail bed part of the nail body so as not to burn the nail bed at high temperature.

How to remove nail polish by myself?

Clear nail polish/nail care polish method

Put nail polish or clear nail polish on your nail;
Two, after 1~2 seconds, immediately wipe off with a remover cotton (cotton, paper towel)! The speed must be fast, do not wait for the nail polish dry before wiping. Oh!

Three, if the cleanup is not clean, you can apply again and wipe once. Repeat a few more times so that you can clean up.

Note: In order not to don’t waste a good bottle of nail top coat to get rid of nail polish, you can use any nail polish. But make sure this is a nail polish you don’t use or don’t like.

Deodorant Spray Method

One, find some deodorant sprays. Many sprays contain solvents that are effective cleaners for removing anything that is not easy to clean, from nail polish to markers.

Two, spray the spray on your nails as close as possible. If it contains a fast-evaporating propellant that can burn your skin, make sure you don’t hurt yourself – it’s more effective to use it that way.

Third, wipe your nails with a handkerchief or paper towel. Nail polish won’t come off right away; keep doing this until your nails are clean.

Second, repeat the above steps.

Note: Don’t let the hair spray stay too long, or it will dry on the side of your nails.

How to do nail art carving?

Highly nail carvings are really pleasing to the eye and make people love them! It is definitely a nail that many girls can not resist, so how do nail carvings look good? In addition to the professional nail technician, you can also try to DIY at home. Oh!

One, before nail art, first clean and trim natural nails, do not stay too sharp;

Two to do is to do a little nail trimming. Oh, according to their nail needs, cut our nail pieces to spare.

Three, with some lighter colours of fine radiant powder spread on the nail, and then in the part of the joint, with red powder to make a nail type.

Four, after laying the bottom, you can start to carve flowers on the nail; you can choose to carve some flowers according to the colour of the powder base will be the more integrated point, after carving flowers and then to the flowers embellished with some bright shiny core will be more beautiful.

Five, after the carving is completed, you have to cut off the excess part of the nail, lay some transparent powder, and finish the beautiful nail carving!

How to avoid painting the nail unevenly?

1, first of all, you have to polish your nails smoothly. If your nails are not flat, they will be uneven after applying nail polish.

2, before applying nail polish, first coat with a layer of primer; primer can not only make the surface of the nail smoother but also can isolate coloured nail polish and play a role in protecting the nail.

3, the next step is to put on coloured nail polish. Colour nail polish should choose a good extension of the nail polish, and before using the brush handle and brush bristles so that the brush on one side is very clean and the other side has a small amount of nail polish in the form of water drops and not to drip.

4, first, apply a little nail polish on the edge of the nail tip; this will make the nail polish last longer because the nail polish usually starts to fall off from the fingertips.

5 . Next, start brushing the nail polish from the middle of the nail. In order to prevent the nail polish in the brush to the second half of the nail polish from becomes less, the colour is not uniform, you can first in the front of the nail to apply a stroke, and then from the bottom of the middle from the top edge of the nail about 2mm down the brush to the fingertips direction. Note that the brush should be evenly spaced, and the force should be uniform to avoid uneven colour.

6 . After the middle brush, apply both sides, again starting from the bottom 2mm from the edge of the nail. The brush is gentle and gradually applies force to separate the brush head during the process of painting so that the coverage area becomes larger, which can avoid overlapping stripes.

7, Finally, when the coloured nail polish is dry, apply a layer of glossy polish to it. The glossy polish not only makes the nail polish more saturated but also makes the nail polish more durable and less likely to fall off. Click to check unicorn effect nail powder

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