What’s the matter with the yellowing of the manicure

What’s the matter with the yellowing of the manicure? Three reasons


It is quite common to have nail damage after the manicure because the nail itself is very fragile. Once the manicurist is unprofessional or does not do a good job of basic protection, it is easy to have various nail problems. Let’s take a look at the yellowing of manicure in galglitter.com below?

What is the yellowing of manicure?

Common reasons: no primer is applied before a manicure, nails are in direct contact with nail polish, and pigment precipitation causes nails to turn yellow; Long-term application of only dark nail polish may change the colour of nails; Yellowing of nails may also be an early warning from the body, reflecting the recent unsatisfactory health or the poor state of staying up late.

Correct method: occasionally use light-coloured nail polish to allow nails to heal themselves. Be sure to apply primer to isolate your nails and nail polish. If it is yellow, you can squeeze some lemon juice on your nails and rinse them with water after 10 minutes.

What if the white manicure is yellow?

This cannot be avoided. This is generally the case, even if it is Guangliao. It will turn yellow after a period of maintenance. But it can be remedied: material: nail polish: (base oil, white, pink, big red, bright oil), toothpick, silver wire drawing pen.

1. Apply primer first, apply white nail polish twice, and apply pink to French fingertips.

2. Use a wire drawing pen to draw the silver line where the white and pink are connected.

3. After that, use toothpicks to stick big red nail polish on the white part with small dots (usually three or four small dots are enough, and the same method is to use pink dots with small dots. Just apply bright oil.

Remedies for Yellowing of Manicure

1. Be sure to use base oil before applying nail polish: base oil can isolate your nails and nail polish so that your nails can be protected to a certain extent, thereby preventing nails from being infected, which is very beneficial to keeping your nails healthy. Therefore, it is suggested that the brother-in-law should use a primer before applying nail polish.

2. Use polishing to remove the dyeing layer: If you think your nails have begun to change colour, then finally use a polishing plate to remove the dyeing completely.

3. Never use dark nail polish: Dark nail polish is commonly used, which will change the colour of nails, so switch to light nail polish from time to time, which can give nails some time for self-healing.

How does the yellowing of the nail art come back?

What is the matter with nail art

1. Common causes: nail surface cleaning is not meticulous enough, and the grease film on the surface is not wiped clean, resulting in subsequent glue sticking. Sponge frustration polishing is not in place; If the lamp time is too long, the nail polish will be cracked due to excessive drying.

2. Correct Method: The cleaning steps must be thoroughly in place. When wiping the nail surface with a cotton sheet soaked with alcohol, ensure that the grease film on the nail surface is wiped clean. When polishing with the sponge, please pay attention to the thickness and hardness of the nail itself. Ensure that the time of each lamp is not less than 60-120 seconds, do not take out your hand halfway and put it in for photos, and do not touch the nail surface with your fingers.

The nail art is warped at the front and back ends.

1. Common causes of nail tip warping:

(1) If you don’t have a good edge wrapping, your fingertips will easily fall off if you are stressed several times by opening a jar and peeling oranges;

(2) The nail itself is thin and soft. The nail becomes soft after contacting water. The glue is hard and has insufficient toughness. When the nail is bent, the nail polish will crack from the middle part of the bend and fall;

(3) The glue is too thick, the glue is thick, the inside is not dry, and the adhesion to the nail surface is not enough;

(4) There is no match between glue and glue, especially when soft glue meets hard glue. The front end is easy to fall; Hard glue can be understood as glue with insufficient toughness, while soft glue is the opposite.

2, nail back end warping common reasons:

(1) Not clean. If there is dust or grease on the nail surface, which is easy to separate the subsequent glue from the nail surface;

(2) It is not polished in place, but the nail surface is thrown casually. The nail surface is not engraved in place around the nail surface, which may not have enough adsorption force for subsequent glue;

(3) Apply to dead skin and skin, and the glue applied to the skin will separate from the skin, which will easily lead to warping.

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