What’s wrong with nail art that always warps after

What’s wrong with nail art that always warps after it’s done? How to remedy a warped nail


You can’t touch the water immediately after a nail art, but you need to take some time to let the Nail Polish Powder dry before you can touch the water safely. So what happened when the edge of the nail appeared after the nail was done? What should I do to remedy a warped nail?

How is it that the nail is always warped after doing it?

, The problem of polishing: when doing nail polishing, if some places are not flat or uneven, the nail polish can not be completely bonded to the nail, and then it will warp.

2, The problem of cleaning: polishing after cleaning, but some people may be careless to cause cleaning will have residue, and then between the nail polish and nails have these residues will be easy to warp.

3. Painted nails too much: nail art each time you apply nail polish to be faster, thinner, more evenly, can not be painted very thick at once, usually painted once shine light and then painted a second time, can not be painted all the nail polish at once.

4. No edge wrapping: The best way to prevent warping is to wrap the edge, but if you don’t do this step, then the nail will have various problems afterwards because of direct growth or wear.

5. The length of the light: the light is generally 1-2 minutes and will be adjusted according to the power of the instrument. If the light is too short, the glue is not completely dry on the next layer of nail polish, and the top will warp.

6. Nail Polish Powder mix: generally use the same brand of Nail Polish Powder for each house, not the bottom with a brand, and the top with another brand, because different brands may not have the same ingredients.

How to remedy a warped nail

It is recommended to remove the nail after the edge of the manicure and then follow the correct method to do the nail to prevent the edge of the nail. The nail appears warped means that there are steps not done, even if the remedy problem will still appear, so removal and redo is the best way. There are different reasons for nail art warping, depending on the part. If it’s the front end warping, it may be because there is no good edge treatment when some action nail stress will appear warping; or because the glue is too thick, the interior is not completely dry. The back end of the edge is mostly because the nail is not clean; there is dust and grease on the nail surface, resulting in the gradual separation of the glue and the nail surface; there may be no polishing in place, and the nail surface is not polished around, resulting in the glue does not have enough adsorption; if the glue is applied to the skin, it will also lead to the occurrence of the edge. In short, the best solution is to remove the nail and redo it.

How to maintain nail art

1, Adjust the finger force habits in daily life. It is recommended to try to use the finger belly instead of fingertip force, carry heavy objects, drive the door, and open the can with special attention. 

2, Avoid too much contact with chemical substances. If you need to do housework, it is also recommended to wear gloves so as to reduce the harm of chemical ingredients to the nail.

3, Do not put your hands in places where the temperature is too high for a long time, such as hot baths and hot springs, which are not conducive to nail care.

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