Why do acrylic dip nails yellow over time

Why do  dip nails yellow over time? Acrylic dip nails yellowing is what happens?

Acrylic dip nails only have a certain maintenance time; as time goes by, the  dip nails will become less effective. There may be stumps or  dip nails start to yellow; there are many reasons why  dip nails yellow, and this generally happens.

Why do Acrylic dip nails yellow after a long time?

Common reasons: do  dip nails before not applying primer, nails and nail polish direct contact, pigmentation leads to nail yellowing; long-term only apply dark nail polish may make the nail discolouration; nail yellowing may also be a warning from the body, reflecting the recent health is not ideal or often stay up late in a bad state.


The right thing to do: Use light nail polish occasionally to give your nails time to heal themselves; always apply a base coat to isolate your nails from the polish; if they are already yellow, squeeze some lemon juice on them and rinse them off with water after 10 minutes.

What is the problem with yellowing acrylic dip nails?

The yellowing of  dip nails is because the nails are not cleaned well, the nails and nail polish are in contact for a long time, and the pigmentation is deposited. Doing nails for too long and not giving nails a good rest.

1. The sealer is applied too thick. It is better to apply the sealer once, but more than two times may make the colour off-colour;

2. The yellowing phenomenon will occur if the sealer is illuminated for too long;

3. often, contact with things containing chemical substances will lead to yellowing of the glue surface;

4. If the customer often smokes, it will also lead to the nail surface yellowing!

Acrylic dip nails yellowing how to deal with

1. Make sure to use a base coat before applying nail polish: A base coat can isolate your nails and nail polish and give your nails some protection, thus preventing them from getting infected, which is very beneficial to keeping your nails healthy. So it is recommended that girls should always use a base coat before applying nail polish.

2, Use polish to remove the staining layer: If you feel that your nails have started to discolour, then finally use a polishing board to remove the staining completely.

3, Never use dark nail polish: commonly used dark nail polish will discolour your nails, so switching to a light coloured glossy nail polish from time to time will give your nails some time to heal themselves.

What are people not suitable for  dip nails?

A. Pregnant people are not suitable for  dip nails

Pregnancy and childbirth are major events in life. No matter what can not go wrong, one must pay attention to all aspects of the problem; due to the  dip nails used in the nail polish containing ingredients, some chemical components are to the fetus has an impact on the growth and development of the fetus, so pregnant women are best not to do  dip nails, in addition, in the case in  dip nails In addition, in case the process of  dip nails infected with grey nails will also be infected to the baby, so pregnant women to do  dip nails must be cautious, it is best not to do.

Second, people with skin allergies should not do  dip nails.

As  dip nails with nail polish contain many chemicals, these chemicals are likely to cause allergic reactions in some allergic people; if you are particularly envious of  dip nails people, especially want to  dip nails, it should also first conduct a proper skin test to see if you are allergic to nail polish. If not allergic before  dip nails can be performed.

Third, people with skin infections should not do  dip nails.

If a skin infection is caused by a skin injury, the injured and infected skin is most afraid of contact with some of the chemicals because it is easy to cause an allergic reaction, making it more difficult to heal the wound, so if you want to do  dip nails must wait until the wound is healed before proceeding.

Can  dip nails darken your hands?

 dip nails can potentially darken your hands.  dip nails lamps are an important tool for curing the gel. UV lamps are short for ultraviolet lamps.  dip nails commonly used in UV lamps are hot cathode fluorescent lamps that emit UVA (long wave ultraviolet), which can reach deep into the dermis and cause melanin deposits in the skin, making the skin darker and drier. Dryness.

Do  dip nails make nails impermeable?

It is possible because if you do  dip nails often, you will make your nails coated with thick nail polish and always in a smothered state, so doing  dip nails is the same as giving your nails an extra layer. This will make the original nail not so breathable, and if you keep doing  dip nails, it will produce some damage to the nail.

Can I cut my nails after  dip nails?

It is not recommended to cut. Generally speaking, it is not recommended to cut nails immediately after  dip nails are done because the  dip nails are generally not yet fully formed, and  dip nails are generally in the form of wrapped edges, so if you cut them off directly, it will easily lead to nail edge buckling, thus affecting the beauty. If you want to trim the  dip nails, then it is recommended to find a professional  dip nails master, use a file to trim off the excess dip nails, and then use a special tool to seal the nail, which can avoid the  dip nails from buckling.

Can  dip nails damage the protective layer of nails?

Yes. But from a health point of view, the nail surface has a layer of material like tooth surface enamel, which protects it from corrosion. If you file off the surface of the nail, your finger loses its protective layer and loses its resistance to acidic or alkaline corrosion. Click here to see the my favorite wholesale acrylic powder 

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