Why is manicure easy to fall off

Why is manicure easy to fall off? How can manicures be removed quickly?

Manicure is a trendy and popular thing for female friends in our modern life. Many people like to do manicures at home, but it doesn’t feel like doing manicures by themselves for a long time in a manicure shop. Today galglitter.com will share why manicure is easy to fall off? How can manicures be removed quickly?

The reason why nail art is easy to fall off

Reason 1: Cleaning is not in place

The nail cleaning is not in place, and there is residual dust on the finger core, which causes the primer to be wrapped without completely bonding to the nail.

Treatment method: The finger core should be deliberately cleaned when cleaning. Orange sticks can be used to clean the finger core.

Reason 2: is that the primer has no edge wrapping.

The primer has no edge, the fingertips are easy to fall off, and the nail surface and nail polish will separate and then fall off.

Treatment method: the primer must be wrapped, fingertip, fingertip on both sides.


Reason 3 Color No Edge

The colour has no edging, the front end of the fingertip is very thin, and the fingertip will wear out at ordinary times. Without edging, it will soon be worn off.

Treatment: The colour should be carefully wrapped and completely overlapped with the primer.

Reason 4: That the polishing is not in place.

Fingertip polishing is not in place, and polishing is not enough. The oil produced on the surface of the nail will cause the nail polish to fall off; if excessive polishing, because the nail surface becomes thinner, it is also easy to fall off.

Treatment method: the nail surface is polished with a sponge sand strip. After cleaning cotton and scrubbing, the nail surface is not bright, which means polishing is appropriate.

How to do manicures is not easy to drop.

1、 Polishing and waxing

Before applying nail polish, full preparation should be made for “polishing”, including edging, polishing, waxing, etc. This can increase the contact area between nail polish and nail polish, make nail polish better fit nail polish, not easy to fall off and make nail surface smoother and more beautiful.

2、Alcohol and vinegar are useful.

After polishing the nails, wipe the nail surface with alcohol or vinegar, and then brush the nail polish according to the normal steps to keep the nail polish longer.

3、Nail polish essential

To apply nail polish as a habit, one can form a protective film to reduce the damage of nail polish to nails; 2 is to keep nail polish on the nail surface for a longer time. Finally, the nail polish can also make the nail polish more full.

4、Thickness and wiping method

Nail polish should be applied thin, and every time it is applied, it should be applied again after it is dried. It is best to apply it twice. When painting, there is also a sequence, usually according to the order of the centre and both sides, brush about three times on average. Brush and nail at a 45-degree angle are preferred.

5、After coating, flush with cold water.

After applying nail polish, rinse your fingers in cold water, which can delay the falling time of nail polish and make nail polish smoother and brighter.

After applying the sealing layer and brushing the coloured nail polish, brush another layer of nail polish (no transparent bright oil), which will make the nail polish last longer and can generally be maintained for about two weeks.

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