You need to know these tips for manicures

You need to know these tips for manicures.

Every girl likes to do her nails. Today brings you more skills about nail art, hoping to help friends!

Ten tips for manicures

1. what kind of nails are you?

Square nail

The front edge of the nail is square, with right angles on both sides. This nail shape is evenly stressed and not easy to break and is suitable for white-collar beauties who often work with the front end of their nails.

Round nail

The front edge of the nail is rounded with straight lines on both sides. This style is very feminine and exudes mature charm.

Oval nail

It is made into an oval shape from both sides to the fingertips. This shape can highlight the gentleness and elegance of Asian women, suitable for fatter hand shapes, and can make them look slender.

2. cleaning must be the first step

First, clean, then soak in warm water for 10-15 minutes, and then use a mild scrub to remove cutin, especially the dead skin on the nails.

3. should also pay attention to the maintenance and protection of hands and nails at ordinary times.

The condition of the nail itself has a significant influence on the effect of nail art, so we should take good care of our staples in ordinary times! Of course, the maintenance of hands cannot be ignored! Then, first of all, we should form the habit of applying hand cream at any time, and secondly, we should pay attention to the sunscreen and whitening of relevant parts!

4. nail polish washing water is also essential.

The nail washing water contains acetone, which is harmful to nails. Generally speaking, the slower the unload, the milder the nail polish remover. When buying, you can try it on the spot and see how fast you can remove nail polish. Whether the smell is pungent or not can also be used as a reference.

5. don’t use your nails as tools and knives.

Many women often use it to open bottle caps and scrape things, which can easily break their nails.

6. get rid of the habit of biting nails.

If you have a terrible nail-biting problem, please get rid of it quickly! This not only affects the beauty of nails but also is unhygienic and easy to cause diseases.

7. choose the nail polish color that suits you.

The European and American nail polish color is more gorgeous, while the color of the Japanese and Korean nail polish is more elegant. What is suitable for you is that different people have different opinions and wise people have other ideas.

8. tips for quick-drying nail polish.

If you want the nail polish to dry quickly, you may as well learn from the small blow-drying fan prepared in the professional nail salon and prepare two mini electric fans with a USB interface at home. You can even let the nail polish dry while surfing the Internet.

9. we must choose some unique armor products

It can be nail base oil, nutrition oil, or hand cream. When applying hand cream, subconsciously extend the emulsion to the fingertip, and massage in circles when necessary, which can achieve the purpose of strengthening nails.

10. the color of nail polish should be considered according to their skin color and preferences.

It is suggested that you do your manicure. There is no need to say much about the fun and sense of achievement of DIY. Most manicure stalls use inferior nail polish, which still damages your nails.


Nail care skills


Start to adjust the nail shape according to your favorite condition. Since nail clippers easily damage the nail shape, it is best to use a nail file to keep the nail file and nail trimming at 45 degrees.


Drop the cutin softener on the edge of the nail, then massage the edge of the nail. After waiting for 1~2 minutes, the cutin will become soft, and the dead skin will become easy to handle.


Soak your fingertips in warm water for about 2-3 minutes to soften the cuticle of your fingertips. At this time, the oil and dirt around the nails can be easily cleaned.


Use a cotton swab to gently push out the dead skin and dirt on the edge of the nail in a round way.


Use polishing cotton to smooth the nail surface, don’t use too much force. Otherwise, you will break the nail.


Polish and apply nail polish to finish.

Tips for “Long Stay” in Manicure

1. Preparation for manicure should be done well

If you want to keep the nail art longer, you must first abandon the wrong way of smearing and start with the preparation work in the early stage of the nail art. First of all, wash your hands with soap that contains a moisturizing effect. Note that it must be warm water! Then use a non-fiber cotton pad to wipe off the oil that can cause the nail polish to fall off and the residue left by hand washing. Next is the essential base oil, which can keep the nail polish for a longer time, prevent the pigment of dark nail polish from penetrating into your fingernail cover, and can also help you resist the damage of nail polish washing when it is finally removed.

2, nail polish should be thin

When starting to apply nail polish, you must avoid using too much and too thick. Once the nail polish dries too slowly, the solvent inside is not easy to volatilize quickly, and the nail polish will be mottled and not smooth enough. If you feel that too thin nail polish does not show saturated colors, you can apply several more layers, but make sure each layer is light enough to achieve a gorgeous effect.

3, coating seal is essential

Within three days after the manicure, apply a quick seal layer, increasing its brightness without softening the manicure and making the manicure look brand-new. If possible, use a quick-drying and bright oil layer every three days. In this way, there is no problem for the nail art to be maintained for two weeks. Generally speaking, the retention time of thinly applied nail polish is longer, which is easy to use and not easy to find at all. The sparkling sequin nail polish is also solid, and the drop is not obvious at all. Both neutral and opaque nude colors have a longer retention time.

4. Manicure should be remedied in time

Don’t affect your mood just because the nail art falls off, because even if you paint it well, falling is inevitable. Fortunately, you still have a way to remedy it. It is recommended to gently rub the scratches and cracks with a polishing file and then apply a thin layer of the entire nail with the same nail polish. After 1-2 minutes of drying, cover the top with a layer of quick-drying bright oil. You can also cover it with a layer of nail polish of the same color so that your manicure will become brand-new.

5, the tip of good nail polish

First of all, apply a thin layer of nail polish, and be careful to hold the brush smoothly to be used evenly. Place the meeting on the bottom end of the nail near the skin, and then gently slide it to the top of the nail. The same method on both sides, seal the top edge and let it dry.

Then, after the first layer of nail polish is completely dry (don’t blow with your mouth! Water vapor will weaken the brightness of the nail polish), apply the second layer in the order from the thumb to the little finger. Starting from the thumb, try to make the whole process of applying nail polish longer so that the first layer of nail polish can have more time to dry. Finally, quickly apply a layer of bright oil.

Nail drill inlay tips

1, wait for nail polish to dry!

It is necessary to wait for the nail polish to dry before the drilling decoration can be pasted. Otherwise, it is easy to destroy the finished A and fall off.

2. Glue

It is best to be able to use special glue for nail art. Point a small amount of glue on the surface of the nail polish you want to place the drill trim in advance, and wait for some time before sticking the drill trim when the glue is fast drying.

After gluing, dip the orange stick into the glue and point it around the base of the diamond decoration. The principle of fixing the diamond decoration by using the diamond ring plays a fixed role.

3. Skillfully use drill pen/orange stick

It is best not to operate with your hands. You can use a metal drill pen or an orange stick to dip the transparent nail polish or glue to take the back of the drill, and then place it on the fine nail polish or glue on the surface of the nail so that the surface of the training will not be soiled.

Use small metal tweezers or orange sticks to apply slight downward pressure on the surface of the drill, which can make the drill stick more firmly on the surface of the nail.

4. Do not apply a seal layer after sticking diamond ornaments!

Note that when the glue is pasted, do not touch the surface of the diamond or jewelry. After the diamond is pasted, the nail surface cannot be coated with bright oil. The surface of the drill is covered with bright crude, which will affect the gloss and refraction of the training. This operation is not recommended.

5. Don’t bump against complex objects!

After the diamond decoration is fixed, it is best not to bump against complex objects in a short period, and you can move at will after a little more than ten minutes.Click here to view “acrylic powder manufacturer” of the company

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