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10 Sparkling Ideas for Glitter Nails

Regarding nail art, we firmly believe there are no rules. Neons, three-dimensional nail appliques, rhinestones—you name it, we’re here for it. And when you add a sprinkle of glitter into your nail polish to the mix, you are instantly obsessed. There’s so much to love about glitter nail art. Glitter nail art is eye-catching, attention-grabbing, and undeniably gorgeous, and glitter nail polish is always on-trend, too. You will love that glitter nails because they are festive, fun, and long-lasting. They are pretty versatile nowadays, and one can choose to go all out or rock them subtly. You cannot see glitter nails disappearing anytime soon, whether in the form of glitter shooting stars, pink glitter nails, glitter stars, snowflakes, or accent nails. You can also create glitter outlined around solid nail colors for a more chic and unique effect. There you have it. Glitter is versatile, and if you haven’t tried it, now’s your time to shine. Following are the ten best glitter nail art ideas; keep reading them; that’ll have you gleaming through the year.

glitter nail

Pink Glitter Nails

Two classic nail looks, like nude-pink polish and a stiletto shape, are taken to the next level with super sparkly glitter tips. It might be best to leave this one to your nail tech, but if you dare to DIY, use a thin paintbrush to paint deep inverted V’s onto each nail, then fill them into your nail tips with glitter-packed color.

Midnight Magic

Midnight magic is the best glitter nail art. You will love using silver and charcoal glitter polish scattered over nails and concentrated at the tip for a sparkling ombre effect. With mini white moons and stars, it’s perfect for countless magical nights.

Shooting Stars

The shooting star is also an excellent idea for glitter nail art. The trick to this multidimensional design is to layer on the glitters. Start with a small silver glitter, add a coat or two of something chunkier, and even glue on a few shimmery star rhinestones.

Silver Linings

glitter nail

If you need to look at the sparkly sides of things, silver lining glitter is best for you. This pretty pink mani with silver lines will do the trick. Gorgeous on short nails, long nails, and every shape in between, silver lining glitter is one of the most versatile nail looks on your list. It’s so easy to create. Select any nail color base you love, then use a thin paintbrush to outline your nails with a glittery and silver polish.

Baby Pink and Gold Glitter

Whether you love or hate it, baby pink nails are always classic. And we’re pretty sure this glitter-tipped it will gain countless pink nail converts. The best part about it is, It gives your nails that chic French mani effect without the need for precision. Just use your brush to polish the tips of your nails with glitter and add another coat to build up color. A layer or two of clear topcoat seals it all in, and you’re done with your glitter nails.

Glitter Halos

glitter nail

You were keeping in mind that silver-lining Mani. It is up just a notch with a full halo of glittery silver. You can use a thin paintbrush to paint all around the inner perimeter of your nail. It doesn’t need to be perfect to po. Then, apply two coats of clear. If you Don’t love silver, This halo nail design will be just as eye-catching in gold, pink, purple, or any color you love.

Rainbow Stripe

Rainbow strips take center stage with ombre blue, orange, and mint green covering each nail. You can use a clean and thin brush dipped in nail polish remover to swipe down the center of each nail, then add a light coat of gold glitter in its place. It’s a modern rainbow mani for any time of year.

Butterfly Nails

Colorful butterfly-accent nails just got even more fairytale-like with iridescent glitter. Here, there are multiple types of butterflies, crystals, and straightforward tips. If you want to create an intricate nail art design and you feel like it’s missing something, try adding a swipe of iridescent glitter. This type of glitter is easier to use because it doesn’t have to be layered multiple times to get the look. It’s supposed to be a bit sheer and looks pretty that way.

Accent Nails

Shorter, square nails aren’t boring at all in this red color with glitter accents. This nail artist painted all her nails the same blue nail color and added glitter to two fingers. You can do this with pretty much any color, and you’ll have glitter nail art done in just a few minutes. Because darker nail colors make cuticles stand out, apply a cream or oil to each finger, and it’ll look like you got a professional mani.

Barbie Nails

Bright pink never looked so fun! Instead of pastel, you can try a vibrant Barbie pink shade with lighter or darker pink glitter on top for a fun spin on spring and summer nails. We love how instead of one accent nail, they chose to paint two with contrasting glitters. It really makes the pink pop. To get the brightest Barbie pink imaginable, prime your nails with a stark white shade first. This will ensure the color in the bottle is the color that shows up on your nails. Check out our Gal glitter, the best pink Nail Polishes for everyone. https://galglitter.com/


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