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7 Manufacturers of glitter face powder

what is the glitter face powder?

Glitter face powder is a kind of glitter substance that can be used on the face, and is usually used in stage performances, cosmetics, beauty products and other fields. Its function is to produce a flash effect when it is hit by light, adding visual effect and attractiveness to the performance.

The common types of glitter face powder on the market include metallic glitter powder, pearlescent glitter powder, gradient color glitter powder and monochromatic glitter powder. Different types of glitter powder are different in appearance, gloss, application method and so on. Facial glitter usually has a built-in battery and needs to be connected to a power source or installed with a special battery clip.

When using glitter face powder, you need to choose the appropriate color and brightness according to the specific use occasions to achieve the best effect. In addition, glitter powder needs to be applied to clean skin before use to avoid damage to the skin.

7 Manufacturers of glitter face powder

Manufacturers of glitter face powder include:

  1. American Parker Cosmetics Company.
  2. American Rohm and Haas Company.
  3. Clariant, Germany.
  4. Japan DHC company.
  5. Kao Corporation of Japan.
  6. Japan ETUDE HOUSE (Etude House) company.
  7. Japan DIC company.

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