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Glitter powder manufacturer with United Shades Of Glitter

Manufacturers of uniform tone glitter powder include:

  1. American Parker Cosmetics Company.
  2. American Rohm and Haas Company.
  3. Clariant, Germany.
  4. Japan DHC company.
  5. Kao Corporation of Japan.
  6. Japan ETUDE HOUSE (Etude House) company.
  7. Japan DIC company.

The above are some common uniform tone flash powder manufacturers, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Glitter powder generally refers to a powder that produces a glow or shimmer effect when hit by light.

Cosmetic Glitter Corresponding Product Image

Here are some commonly used United Shades Of Glitter powders:

  • Metallic Glitter Powder: This glitter powder creates a metallic glow and is often used for evening parties, stage performances, and more.
  • Pearlescent Glitter Powder: This glitter powder produces a pearl-like glow and is commonly used in cosmetics and grooming products.
  • Gradient glitter powder: This kind of glitter powder can produce the effect of gradient color, which is usually used in the production of clothing or accessories.
  • Monochrome Glitter Powder: This type of glitter powder produces only one color of glow and is often used for simple decoration and lighting.

No matter what kind of flash powder, you need to choose the appropriate color and brightness according to the specific use occasion to achieve the best effect.