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Loose Cosmetic Glitter wholesale

What is Loose Cosmetic Glitter?

These loose cosmetic glitters are usually made up of tiny pearlescent particles. These particles can be extracted from various cosmetic ingredients, such as pearl powder, mica, silica, glass, etc. These particles are so fine that they create tiny reflections that make makeup appear more shiny. When using these cosmetics, you need to be careful not to overuse them, so as not to cause excessive irritation or sensitivity to the skin. At the same time, these cosmetic glitters usually need to be seen under specific light, such as under natural light, which may not be fully displayed.

Loose nail glitter is usually a mix of pearlescent particles of different sizes. This glitter powder can produce rich colors and glitter effects, and it can also be selected and matched according to personal preferences. Loose pearl particles can provide different luster and texture, so that the nail art is more personalized and fashionable.

Loose Cosmetic Glitter
Loose Cosmetic Glitter

Loose Cosmetic Glitter wholesale in China

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