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Make Glitter Slimes with harmless and eco-friendly glitter

Glitter Slimes

There is something about sparkly glitter slime that adds to the experience of making slime. Making glitter slime with clear glue is easy, and if you want an even easier glitter slime recipe, you can use glitter glue instead. This glitter slime can be made in any color. Select any of your favorite colors to make this slime. This would be perfect for a birthday party, wedding, and other activities. Moreover, it can also even used for the slime fan in your house.

Glitter Slimes

How to Make Glitter Slime

We have a little obsession with glitter slimes. We’ve made glittery unicorn slime, mermaid slime, fairy slime, and princess slime. Adding glitter and color to your slime is the best way to turn it into themed slime for a birthday party.

To make glitter slime from scratch, you’ll need clear glue, glitter if you like chunky or regular glitter, not fine glitter, or it won’t show, contact lens solution, baking soda, and water. See the full recipe down below.

Biodegradable Glitter

If you are looking for a biodegradable glitter option, we recommend this chunky biodegradable glitter as an alternative. Make sure that this glitter will break down after a few weeks when exposed to any liquid.

Ingredients Needed to Make Glitter Slime

  • Clear Glue Note: you have only tested this with gal glitter glue and recommend this brand as other brands may not work.
    • TIP: To save money, we like to buy gallon size of clear glue.
  • Two tablespoons of water
  • Glitter – you like to use regular-sized glitter because fine glitter will not appear in the slime. You can use pink, turquoise, and purple.
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • Liquid Food Coloring. This set comes with all kinds of vibrant pinks, purples, and blues.
  • 1 – 1.5 tablespoons of Contact lens solution.
    • Important: your brand of contact lens solution must contain boric acid and sodium borate. We like this brand the best, and we use it in all of our slime recipes. See our full contact solution slime recipe for the brands you recommend. Do not substitute for any other brands.

Steps to Make Glitter Slime

  1. Get a bowl to mix your slime ingredients in.
  2. Add 6 oz of clear glue to your bowl.
  3. Add your food coloring in and mix. We used pink, blue, and purple. This set comes with all kinds of vibrant pinks, purples, and blues.
  4. Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to the bowl of water and mix.
  5. Then add in 2 tablespoons of water and mix.
  • TIP: To prevent the clear glue from making too many air bubbles and looking cloudy, stir gently while making your slime.
  1. Now add in your glitter.
  2. Now slowly add in your contact lens solution until it starts to pull away from the bowl. Add one tablespoon to stir and then mix. Mix slowly to not over-mix and cause too many bubbles.
  3. Once the slime starts to pull away from the bowl, you can take the slime out and knead it with your hands. It will still be sticky at this point, and that is normal. Keep kneading for 5 minutes. The more you knead, the less sticky it should be.

What is Slime?

Slime is a polymer. Other examples of polymers are Jell-O, gum, and rubber bands. White glue is also an example of a polymer. A polymer is made of long chains of polyvinyl acetate molecules. These chains slide quickly, making the substance like glue easily pourable.

The Science Behind Slime

When you add the contact lens solution to the glue, it counteracts the glue and forms a viscous substance of slime that can be shaped and pulled. This slime includes due to the glue molecules cross-linking with the borate ions. This is a bond that causes the large molecules to no longer slide freely past one another (like the substance was when it was a glue). Therefore resulting in the slime substance.

Will This Slime Recipe Work?

All of our slime recipes are easy to make and should turn out if you follow the instructions carefully. Do not substitute for other brands, as your slime may not turn out. The type of contact lens solution we use is very important – this is what turns your glue into slime. We always recommend gal glitter glue because it’s quality glue and creates the best slime. If you do not have gal glitter glue in your country, you can substitute the glue for another quality PVA glue.

Safety Tips

  • Adults only should make the slime and handle all chemicals.
  • Do not substitute any ingredients in our slime recipes.
  • If you have sensitive skin, wear gloves while playing with the slime.
  • Always wash hands before and after use.
  • If you notice any skin irritation, discontinue use immediately.
  • See the bottom of the post for more safety precautions before making your slime.

How Long Does The Slime Last?

This slime recipe should last at least one week if stored properly. It will typically last much longer. Store in an air-tight container or bag. We like to keep it in a resealable bag so we can press out all of the air from the bag. https://galglitter.com/


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