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Unleash the Magic with Glitter Powder: A Dazzling Array of Colors and Effects with Superior Resilience!

Principal Forms of Glitter Powder

Powdered PET and PVC glitter

This kind of glitter powder is colored with a thermosetting crossband epoxy layer and manufactured from vacuum metallic polyester plastic film. Via screen printing, coating, and spraying, it may be used to a variety of materials, including wood, paper, fabric, metal, leather, and ceramics, to provide unique and eye-catching effects for decoration or reflection.

Powdered Metallic Glitter

Many soluble materials can be treated with metallic glitter powder, which can also be utilized dry. With its ability to tolerate temperatures of up to 250 °C as well as acids and alkalis, it is perfect for plastic products.

Fantasy Series

Although not having any metallic components, the Illusion Series of Glitter Powder has a distinct color change and metallic color variation due to the optical characteristics of the polymer film from which it is formed. It is most suited for giving products like printing, crafts, cosmetics, and jewelry a color-changing appearance.

Series Laser

The imported high brightness and high color laser film used to create the Laser Series is coated and tinted at a high temperature before being precisely cut into uniform forms. The original film is usually an eco-friendly PET laser film, and laser glitter powder costs more because it has a better reflecting quality than conventional glitter powder. It is frequently employed in the glass and injection molding industries to enhance surface shine.

Typical Specs

Four corners: 0.1, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, and 3.0 millimeters

Hexagon: (0.05mm)1/500, (0.07mm)1/360 (0.1mm)1/256, (0.15mm)1/170, (0.2mm)1/128, (0.3mm)1/96, (0.4mm)1/64 (0.5mm)1/40, (0.6mm)1/32, 1/24, (0.8mm)1/ 20(1.3mm), (2.0mm)1/12, (2.5mm)1/10, (3.0mm)1/8

Wire strips: 0.3×1.5mm, 0.3×4.7mm, 0.3x3mm

Production Method

Ordinary Glitter Powder is normally produced in five steps: choosing the material, coating it, drying it, cutting it precisely, and packing it.

Material Choice

The proper materials for the Glitter Powder must be chosen as the initial step in the production process. The base film, such as PET, PVC, OPP, or metal aluminum, as well as the colors and effects, such as single colors, illusion colors, pearlescent colors, or laser colors, are all choices that need to be made.


The base film is coated with the specified colors and effects after the materials have been chosen. The most common method for accomplishing this is vacuum deposition, which involves sputtering a thin layer of metal or other material onto the base film, which is then placed in a vacuum chamber.


The Glitter Powder needs to be dried after coating to get rid of any extra moisture and make sure it’s prepared for the following stage. There are several ways to accomplish this, including by air drying or using a drying oven.

Accurate Cutting

The glitter powder can be precisely cut into the necessary shapes and sizes once it has dried. This is often carried out by a machine to ensure accuracy and consistency, and can be accomplished using a range of techniques, such as laser cutting or die cutting.


The packaging of the glitter powder into containers for storage and delivery is the last step in the manufacturing process. This can be accomplished using a variety of techniques, including bagging, bottling, or box packing, and is usually carried out in a sterile and carefully regulated setting to avoid contamination.

The Uses of Glitter Powder

Due to its adaptability and capacity to provide a sparkle or shine to a variety of materials, glitter powder has a wide range of applications. Examples of typical applications include:


Due to its adaptability and capacity to provide a hint of shine to a range of products, glitter powder is popular in the craft business. It can be applied to fabric and textile projects as well as to paper crafts like card-making, scrapbooking, and others.


Glitter powder can be used in printing applications to give printed products a unique effect or a dash of sparkle. Packaging, promotional materials, and other printed goods frequently use it.

Other uses

Glitter powder can also be used in a wide range of other fields, including the toy industry, where it can add a playful touch to toys and other products, the construction industry, where it can add a shimmer to building materials, and the automotive industry, where it can add a hint of sparkle to car interiors.

Useful Advice regarding Glitter Powder

  • Use glue or primer: It is advised to apply a primer or adhesive as a basis to help Glitter Powder adhere and stop it from flaking or falling off. This will aid in the Glitter Powder’s adherence and stability on the surface.
  • Use a brush or sponge to apply the glitter powder in order to prevent clumps and to disperse the glitter evenly. This will make it easier for the glitter powder to apply evenly and easily.
  • Employ a fixative spray: It is advised to apply a fixative spray to help set the glitter powder and stop it from rubbing off or smearing. This will aid in keeping the glitter powder in place and preserving its brilliant, new appearance.
  • Avoid getting Glitter Powder wet since it won’t dissolve in water because it isn’t water soluble. If at all possible, avoid getting Glitter Powder products wet as it can become more prone to flaking or sliding off when it does.
  • Carefully remove glitter powder: It is advised to use a mild cleanser or makeup remover to remove glitter powder and to avoid rubbing or scrubbing too hard. This will lessen the likelihood of a mess being made when the glitter powder flakes or falls off.
  • It’s crucial to store Glitter Powder items correctly if you want to maintain them in good shape. This entails preserving them in a cold, dry environment, away from heat and moisture. To avoid spills or leaks, it’s a good idea to store Glitter Powder items in their original packaging or in a container with a tight-fitting lid.

Safety Measures

Although it is recommended to take a few safety precautions when using glitter powder, it is usually thought to be harmless. When using glitter powder, the following safety measures should be taken into account:

Avoid breathing in any dust or particles

Particles that may be formed during application or removal of glitter powder in order to prevent inhaling glitter powder. It’s crucial to utilize glitter powder in a well-ventilated location.

Avoid Eye contact

Eye contact should be avoided since glitter powder may irritate or hurt the eyes if applied on or near them. If Glitter Powder does go into the eyes, it’s crucial to completely rinse them out with water and, if necessary, get medical help.

Keep Glitter Powder away from children

To avoid accidental ingestion or harm, Glitter Powder items should be kept out of children’s reach.

Observe the product’s directions

It’s crucial to carefully read and adhere to the usage directions on Glitter Powder goods. This will make it easier to guarantee their safe and efficient use.

Throw away unused or obsolete products

Old or expired Glitter Powder items should not be used because they may not be as effective or secure. This will make it feasible for you to use the freshest and most potent items.

Effect on the Environment

Glitter Powder has the ability to have an effect on the environment, just like any other product. There are ways to lessen this effect and make sure that glitter powder is handled sensibly, though. Here are some pointers for minimizing glitter powder’s negative environmental effects:

Choose ecologically friendly Glitter Powder

Some Glitter Powder items are manufactured from recyclable plastic or biodegradable films. Using this kind of glitter powder can lessen the product’s impact on the environment.

Use glitter powder only when absolutely essential

Glitter powder should only be used when absolutely essential in order to reduce its negative effects on the environment. This will lessen how much glitter powder is used and thrown away.

Take proper disposal of glitter powder

Glitter powder should be disposed of correctly to help reduce its negative effects on the environment. This can entail recycling any packaging, getting rid of it correctly, or even getting rid of the glitter powder itself.


A versatile product, glitter powder may lend a little of shine and sparkle to a range of materials. Although it is generally thought to be safe to use, it is crucial to take safety precautions and utilize it properly to reduce any potential environmental effects. You can take advantage of all the advantages of this glittering product without experiencing any drawbacks by according to the product guidelines and using Glitter Powder sparingly.


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