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DIY Glitter Projects: Ideas and Tips for Adding Sparkle and Glamour

Uses of glitter in DIY projects 

Glitter is used in cosmetics to make your body, hair, face, and nails shiny and sparkly. Moreover, glitter is commonly used in crafts projects to color, accessorize, and texture items. The small, brightly colored particles of glitter are widely used in crafts, cosmetics, home decoration, paint, paper packaging, greeting cards, 

clothing, and glass crafts. In DIY projects, glitter is a fun activity, and it is also used to make super fun decor pieces. These glitter ideas are for people who want a little more shine.

Types of glitter 

·       Ultra Fine: Ultra fine glitter will float in the air if you throw it. It is like shiny dust. There is an iridescent ultra-fine that is almost invisible until it strikes the light. Gal glitter ultra fine is indistinct glitter that reflects differently. Ultra fine glitter is a variety of glitter used on nails and make-up.

·       Extra Fine: Extra fine glitter is available in a wide range of colors and has outstanding coverage. It maintains a beautiful, delicately sparkle. It can have a similar shine and coverage. Extra-fine glitter is less expensive than ultra-fine glitter.

·       Fine glitter: Probably fine glitter is most used of all the glitters because it covers well and it has an abundance of shine. Fine glitter is very economical. It is easier to clean up than ultra-fine and fine glitters. But it has less glitz than fine and ultra-fine glitter.

·       Medium glitter: This glitter is meant for creativity. It’s available in a limited range of colors, but the price point of this glitter is excellent.

·       Large glitter: Large glitter is not commonly used in paper applications. It would be used more on floats than on pages.

Uses of glitter in DIY 

Glitter notebooks     

You can use glitter in notebooks. Having a glittering notebook in your bag for making lists and writing down ideas is always helpful, but it’s even sufficient when the notebook fabulously glitters 

  1.  DIY glitter boxes

Moreover, you can also use glitter in boxes. Simple glittered boxes can make perfect gift boxes, and you can also use these glitter boxes for storage. You can make glitter boxes from small plastic boxes by glittering the inside, so they lose the smallest amount of glimmer as you use them

  1. Glitter bowl

By utilizing glitter, you can create your glitter bowl. It would help if you had a balloon and glitter and you were to make this shiny glitter bowl

  1. Glitter-dipped candle jars

You can use glitter to create a candle jar. Add glitter outside the pot and put the candle inside the jar. With a bit of glitter paint, it is super easy to make cute new candle jars from old jars. 

  1. Glittered falling leaves garland

It is the best idea to decorate your home. These dried, sparkly, and shiny leaves make the perfect decor piece for the living room.

  1. Glittered drinking jars

Getting all the water you need in a day is inaccessible, but having something entertaining to drink it out of can make it easier

Glitter ribbon     


It is so easy to make glitter ribbons for greeting cards, scrapbook pages, and tags. It would be best to have double-sided tape, a planning card, and fine glitter. Apply the glitter, completely covering the tape.

Tips for using glitter in a DIY project 

Always choose good quality glue. Most glitter projects require that you use glue to make the glitter stick to your projects. Always tightly close your glitter container after using it. If you’ve opened a container of glitter, it spreads around and sticks to everything, making it easy to clean glitter. Always lay down a sheet of paper to cover your workspace. Not only does this make it comfortable to clean up the mess, but it also allows you to save extra glitter that may fall off your project. 

Why use glitter?

 Glitter is a shimmery and shiny product, and it reflects light. I think glitter speaks to those who want their homes to have glamour and a touch of sparkle. These DIY projects will help you to show your creativity. All of the above easy DIY tutorials will both instruct and encourage you. https://galglitter.com